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Hacker News 人気の記事 - 👉 HN最新 👉 HN トップ image
India fails to re-establish communication with its Moon probe (
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海外ニュースの見出し - image
Cracks in Western wall of support for Ukraine emerge as Eastern Europe and US head toward elections ( image
The conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh, explained ( image
Pope Francis insists Europe doesn't have a migrant emergency and challenges countries to open ports ( image
Ukraine targets a key Crimean city a day after striking Russia's Black Sea Fleet headquarters ( image
Pope decries indifference toward migrants, as he prays for the dead in Marseille ( image
PM: Saudi deal likely but time is short; MBS a ‘visionary’; coalition would back accord (
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経済学人最新 - 👉 エコノミスト image
Bob Menendez, a prominent senator, faces bribery charges ( image
America says it will send long-range missiles to Ukraine ( image
Rupert Murdoch isn’t going anywhere just yet ( image
America’s missing doctors ( image
Why shoplifting is on the rise in Britain ( image
China tells its citizens to be on the lookout for spies ( image
China’s claim to the South China Sea gets even odder ( image
Demolishing one of Babe Ruth’s last stadiums ( image
Khalifa Haftar will use Libya’s floods to deepen his control ( image
Lebanon’s prison inmates are running short of food ( image
Brazil’s hinterland now resembles Texas ( image
The dumbest, wildest budget fight yet ( image
America’s states are trying to set rules for the internet ( image
Illinois is the first state in America to completely abandon cash bail ( image
What Ken Paxton’s acquittal means for Texas Republicans ( image
Why the EU will not remain the world’s digital über-regulator ( image
Angst mounts over Germany’s green transition ( image
Britain’s largest freshwater lake has been poisoned ( image
The legacy of Liz Truss ( image
Britain’s war on drugs enters a new phase (
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深い思考人気の話し合います - 
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Reddit 人気の記事 - 
Psy introduces himself (
This Canadian audience is filled with hundreds of Ukrainian refugee children. Wait for it... (
This is what happens inside a dishwasher (
Cub reunited with mom after treatment (
The chosen one ... literally ( image
Unity Apologizes To Developers After Massive Backlash, Walks Back On Forced Install Fees and Offers Regular Revenue-Sharing Model (
Awesome improvised dance (
The reaction of cat is so precious. (
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ブルームバーグ最新 - 👉 ブルームバーグ image
Listen: Menendez Challenger, Earnings Reports, More ( image
DeSantis Says Ukraine Joining NATO Isn’t in Best Interest of US ( image
UK’s Liberal Democrats Sniff Power Again in Hope of 2010 Replay ( image
New Jersey’s Menendez Faces Senate Seat Challenge After Charges ( image
Bond Market Faces Quandary After Fed Signals It’s Almost Done ( image
Latin American Bank Turns to Asia, Middle East for Capital ( image
Debt Market Titans See Fiscal Risks and Rising Defaults ( image
UK’s Sunak Working on Plans to Cut Inheritance Tax, Times Says ( image
Ukraine Recap: Russia Says ‘Let’s Decide It on the Battlefield’ ( image
Germany’s Scholz Threatens Poland With Border Checks Over Visas ( image
Germany’s Scholz Tells Homeowners They Can Cope with 4% Rates ( image
Křetínský’s IMI Sells Le Monde Stake to Niel’s NJJ Presse ( image
US to Keep a Distance From India-Canada Dispute, Signum’s Myers Says ( image
Sunak Hopes ‘Sensible Populist’ Does Better Than Stability ( image
An Architect Uses AI to Explore Surreal Black Worlds ( image
How to Save an Aging Ballpark (
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Reddit ワールドニュース - image
Senior leadership among those killed in strike on Russia's Black Sea Fleet, Ukraine says ( image
Indigenous people in Brazil shed tears of joy as the Supreme Court enshrines their land rights (
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The Atlantic 最新レポート - image
The Big Three’s Inevitable Collision with the UAW ( image
The Glorious Exuberance of Sha’Carri Richardson’s Hair ( image
This Week in Books: The Rare Novel With a Happy Parent ( image
Is Single Parenthood the Problem? ( image
The 22 Most-Anticipated Films of the Season ( image
The Tragedy of Google Search ( image
A President’s Derangement, a General’s Duty ( image
The End of Rupert’s Reign (
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BBC - image
TikTok frenzies 'putting police and schools under strain' ( image
Nagorno-Karabakh: BBC reporter gets rare access inside conflict-hit region ( image
Lampedusa: Inside the camp at the heart of Europe’s migrant surge ( image
Nagorno-Karabakh fears grow as residents appeal for aid ( image
Man on the run for 32 years giggles as he is cuffed ( image
Video shows car rolling over and narrowly missing officer ( image
China sentences Uyghur scholar to life in jail ( image
Sudan war: Army chief Burhan claims he's ready for peace talks ( image
The videos helping people get lighter sentences ( image
Picasso’s twisted beauty – and the ‘trail of female carnage’ he left behind ( image
Sisters haunted by trauma of Morocco earthquake ( image
Bob Menendez steps down as US Senate foreign relations chairman after indictment (
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中国人気の記事 - 👉 Reddit中国 image
China's Xi Seriously Considering South Korea Visit, News Agency Reports - Voice of America ( image
Even China's 1.4 billion population can't fill all its vacant homes, former official says ( image
China sentences Uyghur scholar to life in jail ( image
2023 Asian Games: Opening Ceremony In Progress With Qin Haiyang As China's Flag Bearer ( image
US-China tensions: Record number of graduates returning to China from abroad ( image
Asian Games 2023: Ten athletes to watch from hosts People's Republic of China ( image
Wang Xiyu claims first title in WTA's return to China - ESPN ( image
Even China's 1.4 billion population can't fill all its vacant homes - former official ( image
Thailand Removes Visas for Chinese Visitors to Boost Tourism - Voice of America (
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ビデオ人気の記事 - 
Drunk pastor Suzanne Hinn preaching about a ”holy ghost enema” and runs around screaming until she literally collapses. (
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Ars Technica 最新レポート - image
The history of syphilis is being rewritten by a medieval skeleton ( image
NASA’s asteroid sampling mission is on course for landing this weekend ( image
3 iOS 0-days, a cellular network compromise, and HTTP used to infect an iPhone ( image
RSV vaccine during pregnancy gets seasonal sign-off from CDC ( image
Unity exec tells Ars he’s on a mission to earn back developer trust ( image
Android phones get PC webcam capabilities in the latest beta ( image
Worm that jumps from rats to slugs to human brains has invaded Southeast US ( image
Apple’s new iPhone 15 and 15 Pro reach doorsteps and store shelves ( image
Depredations and depravities reign in this week’s Wheel of Time ( image
FCC closing loophole that gave robocallers easy access to US phone numbers ( image
Microsoft is finally on the verge of closing its Activision deal ( image
iOS 16.7 arrives for older iPhones and people who don’t want to upgrade ( image
Law geeks shine a light on secretive Google antitrust trial ( image
Incomplete disclosures by Apple and Google create “huge blindspot” for 0-day hunters ( image
US to again offer free COVID tests ahead of respiratory virus season ( image
Don’t throw out those used coffee grounds—use them for 3D printing instead ( image
Yelp names and shames businesses paying for 5-star reviews ( image
EU game devs ask regulators to look at Unity’s “anti-competitive” bundling (
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テクノロジー - image
Escalating scandal grips airlines including American and Southwest, as nearly 100 planes find fake parts from company with fake employees that vanished overnight ( image
China: Crackdowns on misinformation and LGBTQI+ accounts, new mobile app rules, and censorship of accident reports (
Tata Projects bags contract to build Micron's $2.75 billion and India's first semiconductor plant, While Tata electronics planning to enter semiconductor manufacturing (
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Product Hunt 人気の作品 - 
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Redditよくある質問 - 
Comprehensive List of Philosophy Books in Chronological Order (
What was the post-war process by which the German population came round to realizing Hitler was a monster? (
How would your spouse feel about you staying in a local hotel alone for a night just for some R&R for yourself? (
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米国株式市場人気の話し合います - 
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ファイナンス - 
The Big Three's Inevitable Collision with the UAW ( image
First cannabis regulator in Minnesota steps down, one day after appointment ( image
10 products from Ulta's Fall Haul Sale — starting at $7 (
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ヤフーファイナンス - image
Things to know about California's new proposed rules for insurance companies ( image
Ford’s Canadian Factory Workers in Line for 15% Wage Bump Under Tentative Deal ( image
Bond Market Faces Quandary After Fed Signals It’s Almost Done ( image
Ask an Advisor: Should I Delay Social Security and Rely on My 401(k) for 8 Years? I Have $750k in Savings and a Pension ( image
Gen Z is souring on college degrees as a path to success, sociology professor says. They have a good reason: Skills-based hiring is the way of the future ( image
Nvidia stock is a bubble waiting to burst – and the AI rush may be a modern version of 17th-century tulip mania, note says ( image
UPS using AI to prevent 'porch pirates' from stealing packages ( image
Rates Aren’t Coming Down Soon. But Stocks and Bonds Are Priced to Buy. ( image
9 States With No Income Tax and the Lowest Tax Burdens ( image
Billionaire investor Bill Gross warns of more pain for bond investors with fixed-income on track for unprecedented 3-year slump ( image
Housing startup offers an unconventional way for buyers to get a low mortgage rate ( image
Stocks are 'pretty overvalued' – and a recession is likely to hit in the next 9 months, says billionaire investor Jeffrey Gundlach ( image
Home values could collapse as rising climate dangers wreak havoc on insurance markets, study says ( image
A financial upheaval shakes up Bay Area banking’s major players: Where does Wells Fargo fall? ( image
Bitcoin Holding Above $26K Is ‘Remarkable’ as Equities Take a Hit. What’s Next for BTC’s Price? (
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ガーディアン - image
‘The system teaches you to be quiet’: doctor indecently assaulted by senior colleague identifies herself ( image
An account of one’s own? Why couples are changing their approach to money ( image
Florida authorities find 13ft alligator in canal with human remains in mouth ( image
Sergei Lavrov dismisses Ukraine peace plan and UN effort to revive grain deal ( image
Rishi Sunak pushes to axe northern HS2 rail line ahead of Tory conference ( image
Dozens killed and injured by truck bomb explosion in Somalian city ( image
The former refugee who wants to cut immigration, and become the first female Dutch PM ( image
Brexit called ‘a huge mistake’ by protesters at rally in London ( image
Saka plays on and on – but how long can Arsenal’s fulcrum keep coming? | Barney Ronay ( image
Black womanhood celebrated with majestic headdresses – in pictures ( image
‘Reading is resistance’: students and parents take on DeSantis’s book bans (
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ファイナンシャルタイムズ - image
Deep divisions over oil and gas industry role challenge UN climate talks ( image
UK press slams axing of Facebook News as ‘urgent threat to democracy’ ( image
Bets on energy transition spark rise in North American pipeline deals ( image
Auto industry recovery has favoured investors and bosses over workers ( image
US government heads for shutdown as Republicans squabble over spending ( image
The risks of money-market funds need careful watching ( image
A tug of war in Poland and Slovakia ( image
Dinner parties — an FT Magazine food and drink special ( image
Battle of the Kurz movies: is Austria’s ex-chancellor plotting a comeback? ( image
EU trade chief warns of “new areas of concern” in China relationship ( image
Imad Alarnab’s stuffed vine leaves — a recipe to cook with all the family ( image
Britain should lead in life sciences but NHS inertia is holding it back ( image
Cities on screen: Milan’s cinematic style ( image
The anti-Tory vote ‘will be split’: Labour and Lib Dems slug it out in key by-election ( image
Video games become part of the furniture in Japan as suppliers read the room ( image
Long-haul holiday costs fall for UK visitors (
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Show HN - 
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Lobste の最新の投稿 - 
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女性主義 - 
Urge Your Representatives to Support the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act | League of Women Voters (
What do you think about the study that showed that kids raised by single fathers grow up the same way as kids with both parents do, while kids raised by single mothers show the effects of the other parent being absent? I'll add the content in the comments (
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スカイニュース - image
Teenager stabbed to death in park ( image
Four stunning by-election wins have buoyed the Lib Dems ( image
Alligator killed after being discovered holding human remains in mouth ( image
Murder investigation after woman found with 'multiple injuries' ( image
Police officers taken to hospital due to 'noxious substance' ( image
Coogan and Vorderman lend support to Lib Dems as conference starts ( image
XL bully protesters rally after proposed ban by PM ( image
Family sues state governor after student suspended over dreadlocks ( image
Met Police firearms officers turning in their weapons after Chris Kaba murder charge ( image
Somalia truck bombing kills 15 people and wounds 40 others ( image
Men more likely than women to think sex between 16 year old and older partner is okay ( image
Man jailed after girl, 6, savaged by his pack of out-of-control dogs ( image
Lebanon-Israel tensions worsen - but there are signs of hope despite talk of conflict ( image
Chunk of motorway collapses in landslide - leaving three in hospital ( image
Man taken to hospital after being injured by a dog, believed to be an XL bully ( image
Four men jailed for kidnapping man over friend's 'drug debt' after Flying Squad investigation ( image
Europe does not have migrant 'emergency', pope says ( image
Fugitive on run for more than 30 years laughs as he's finally caught (
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グーグルニュース - image
Cracks in Western wall of support for Ukraine emerge as Eastern Europe and US head toward elections ( image
The conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh, explained ( image
China scooped up human DNA from nations around the world, spurring fears of a genetic arms race ( image
Pakistan's prime minister says manipulation of coming elections by military is 'absolutely absurd' ( image
Pope Francis insists Europe doesn't have a migrant emergency and challenges countries to open ports ( image
Israel strikes Gaza targets after incendiary balloons sent across border ( image
Ukraine targets a key Crimean city a day after striking Russia's Black Sea Fleet headquarters ( image
Pope decries indifference toward migrants, as he prays for the dead in Marseille (
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ポリティコ - image
September 2023 ( image
Hoping for Haley, Bracing for Trump: What diplomats think of 2024 ( image
Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders signs law restricting release of her travel, security records ( image
Trump knocks bitter enemy Romney as the senator lays out plans to retire ( image
Kemp, DeSantis campaign push back on Trump's Covid ‘tyrants’ comments ( image
'Bidenomics' is going global. The world is skeptical. ( image
Meet the white Trump official behind the launch of Black America for Immigration Reform ( image
Texas AG Ken Paxton’s impeachment trial is in the hands of Republicans who have been by his side ( image
DeSantis says politics won’t interfere with storm response ( image
Pressley punches back at Ramaswamy over KKK jibe: ‘A line was crossed’ ( image
CPAC vice chair resigns amid turmoil (
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サイドプロジェクト - 
I made a website for people to share their dark secrets anonymously called (
I launched my first side project - GPT SidePanel last week, sharing some metrics and hope to receive your feedback ( image
I made 'Business Dilemma Buster 💥' – a Tool to help everyone make better decisions everyday, try it. (
I made a free online video editor (
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Linux - image
I'm using ubuntu 22.04, I thought radeon drivers were built in? what can I do? he's supposed to be wearing a shirt and jeans. (
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Big Think 最新レポート - image
The 19th-century milk scandal that killed thousands of babies ( image
“Opposites attract” is a myth: You likely share many traits with your partner ( image
How to avoid “death by LLM” ( image
Einstein failed to solve the Universe. Here’s what it would take to succeed. | Michio Kaku ( image
Ask Ethan: What were the “dark ages” of the Universe? ( image
Is iron the Achilles’ heel for cancer? ( image
The paradox of the radioactive boars ( image
Why the myth of the “alpha leader” should be debunked ( image
We asked Big Thinkers: “Is there life after death?” Here’s what they said. ( image
Pulsars, not dark matter, explain the Milky Way’s antimatter ( image
Don’t repeat Google’s mistake. “Agile innovation” can unleash and retain talent ( image
How to stop your amygdala from hijacking your emotions ( image
A Harvard career coach’s “unspoken rules” for getting promoted ( image
JWST’s first triple-image supernova could save the Universe ( image
Study reveals a big driver of false memories ( image
What humanity can learn from the “internet” of mushrooms ( image
October 14, 2023’s annular eclipse will have huge consequences 6 months later (
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Nature 最新レポート - 👉 Science Alert image
Is depression lifting? AI that interprets brain waves has answers ( image
Proposed law could protect academic freedom across Europe ( image
AlphaFold touted as next big thing for drug discovery — but is it? ( image
Earth’s average 2023 temperature is now likely to reach 1.5 °C of warming ( image
How to train your jellyfish: brainless box jellies learn from experience ( image
How lasers detect day-length changes of a few milliseconds ( image
Daily briefing: Critics call consciousness theory ‘pseudoscience’ ( image
Culture clashes: unpicking the power dynamics between research managers and academics ( image
Daily briefing: World’s most powerful X-ray laser will ‘film’ electrical charges hopping around atoms (