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Hacker News 热门 - 👉 HN最新 👉 HN首页 
My journey into personal computer software development in 1983 ( image
Two lifeforms merge in once-in-a-billion-years evolutionary event (
The current state of map design in OpenStreetMap ( image
Senate passes reauthorization of key US surveillance program after midnight (
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国外新闻头条 - image
Despite Israel's Limited Response, the Status Quo With Iran Has Been Breached - Israel News ( image
Giant extinct snake discovered in India was 50 feet long, said researchers ( image
Once foreign aid bill signed, this is how US can rush weapons to Ukraine - Voice of America ( image
Ukraine launches a barrage of drones against Russia ( image
2 Japanese navy helicopters crash in the Pacific Ocean during training, leaving 1 dead and 7 missing ( image
Børsen fire: Denmark endures its own Notre Dame devastation (
Exclusive | Inside the White House's Frenetic Scramble to Avert a Full-Blown Middle East War ( image
Muslim Americans who soured on Biden see Israel aid package as further betrayal ( image
The US military will begin plans to withdraw troops from Niger ( image
Israeli airstrike on a house kills at least 9 in southern Gaza city of Rafah, including 6 children ( image
Ambulance driver killed while aiding Palestinians injured in attack by Israeli settlers in the West Bank ( image
Moment huge explosion rocks Iraq military base housing pro-Iranian militia (
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经济学人最新报道 - 👉 经济学人 image
The House of Representatives just gave Ukraine the best news it has had for a year ( image
Finally, America’s Congress does right by Ukraine ( image
Checks and Balance newsletter: Thanks for the hope, Mike Johnson ( image
Israel responds to Iran’s barrage with a symbolic strike (
After Dobbs, Americans are turning to permanent contraception ( image
What is weighing on CEOs’ minds this earnings season? ( image
Akebono was the first foreign-born grand champion of sumo ( image
The lessons of woke Scrabble ( image
Who will lead the LVMH luxury empire? ( image
The dark side of growing old ( image
Examining the fluff that frustrates northern China ( image
China is talking to Taiwan’s next leader, just not directly ( image
Why so many Chinese graduates cannot find work ( image
Lawrence Wong will be only the fourth PM in Singapore’s history ( image
An obscure communist newspaper is shaping Japan’s politics ( image
Tensions mount between China and the Philippines ( image
Why Ecuador risked global condemnation to storm Mexico’s embassy ( image
The world’s insatiable appetite for Canada’s maple syrup ( image
Tanzania’s opposition, once flat on its back, is now on its knees ( image
Iran’s attack has left Israel in a difficult position ( image
Truth Social is a mind-bending win for Donald Trump ( image
Lots of state legislators believe any contact with fentanyl is fatal ( image
The White House unveils a pair of bad policies to woo voters (
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Reddit 热门 - 
Elegant Cat (
Canceled (
Frozen lake in Canada, where you can see everything in it (
What an assist! (
Not a creature was stirring, all through the house - except for this mouse living in our Christmas tree, apparently (
Dog, nearly completely covered in mange, makes an amazing recovery (
Stranger finds lost bag and returns it to the owner (
Using red dye to demonstrate that mercury can't be absorbed by a towel (
TIL people who work at U.S. nuclear power plants are exposed to less radiation than what is given off by the granite walls inside the U.S. Capitol Building (
Glitch in matrix ( image
Texas woman who sought court permission for abortion leaves state for the procedure, attorneys say ( image
My friends and I get our Christmas pics taken st JCPenney. This is still my favorite (
Unbelievable Ball Handling Skills (
White supremacist learns he's 14% black - woman next to him can't stop laughing (
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精神食粮 - image
What Kant can teach us about work: on the problem with jobs | Aeon Essays (
Society ‘disappears’ ageing women. So I harnessed that cloak of invisibility to do all sorts of ‘inappropriate’ things (
THE LANCET: No evidence of inflated mortality reporting from the Gaza Ministry of Health (
How Remote Work Could Affect Philadelphia Office Buildings' Property Taxes (
Hunter Biden’s Drug-Fueled, Prostitute-Filled, Wild Spending Sprees Laid Out in Stunning Detail (
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Reddit新闻小组 - image
Gallant: Hamas battalions once ‘considered invincible’ now ‘on verge of collapse’ ( image
Scientists Discover 512-Year-Old Shark, Which Would Be The Oldest Living Vertebrate On The Planet ( image
Ireland's lack of sonar forced British navy to chase Russian sub away from Cork Harbour ( image
White House: Another aid package for Ukraine to be announced before end of year ( image
The Qatargate Files: Hundreds of leaked documents reveal scale of EU corruption scandal ( image
‘Verge of complete failure’: Climate summit draft drops the mention of fossil fuel phase-out ( image
South Korea’s fertility rate is estimated to reach 0.6 by the end of the year ( image
The body of a 150 million-year-old sea monster is hidden under a British cliff, says a scientist. Time is running out to find it. ( image
Poland’s Law and Justice party loses power after eight years of authoritarian rule (
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彭博社最新报道 - 👉 彭博社 image
Netanyahu Condemns Reported US Plan to Blacklist Military Unit ( image
Blackstone Makes New $1.5 Billion Proposal to Buy Hipgnosis ( image
Hipgnosis Plans to Recommend Blackstone Bid If Offer Is Made ( image
Tesla Spends Weekend Cutting Prices of Cars and FSD Software ( image
Elon, Hold On to Your ‘Star Trek’ Dreams ( image
Stresstest für Berliner Außenpolitik: Hauptstadtgeflüster ( image
Unilever Wants You to Wash the Stains You Can’t See ( image
The Second Cold War Is Escalating Faster Than the First ( image
China’s New Stock Champions Face Growing Waves of Trade Probes ( image
TikTok Set to Remove Executive Tasked With Fending Off US Claims ( image
One Dead, Seven Missing After Japanese Navy Helicopters Crash ( image
China Is Front and Center of Gold’s Record-Breaking Rally ( image
Parental Fury After Stem Cell Bank Ruins Thousands of Samples in Singapore ( image
Trump Cancels North Carolina Rally Due to Thunderstorm Warnings ( image
Mexican Peso Volatility Isn’t Risk to Prices, Banxico Chief Says ( image
Fed’s Preferred Inflation Gauge Is Set to Back Rate-Cut Patience ( image
Chile’s Finance Minister Signals Tougher Stance in Pension Talks ( image
‘Priced to Perfection’ Starts to Unravel as Debt Markets Get Jitters ( image
Chile Central Bank President Sees Cautious Rate Cuts Amid Global Risks ( image
Blinken Will Warn China Over Its Russia Support in Visit Next Week ( image
Europe Needs Reforms to Boost Productivity, SNB’s Jordan Says ( image
US House Passes $95 Billion in Aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan ( image
Sheinbaum quiere hacer de Pemex una empresa ecológica ( image
Mexico’s Sheinbaum Wants Debt-Laden Pemex to Go Green (
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大西洋周刊 - image
The Battle in Congress for Foreign Funding ( image
Boeing and the Dark Age of American Manufacturing ( image
Giant Mud Piles Could Save San Francisco Bay ( image
How Being Busy Became a Status Symbol ( image
The Paradoxes of Modern Dating ( image
The Languages AI Is Leaving Behind ( image
The Hidden Wisdom of Cookbooks ( image
Eight Cookbooks Worth Reading Cover to Cover ( image
The Tortured-Metaphors Department ( image
Democrats’ Unproven Plan to Close Biden’s Enthusiasm Gap ( image
Welcome to the New Nuclear World ( image
The Art of Putting On Airs ( image
Photos of the Week: Burning Bull, Blue Forest, Olympic Flame ( image
The Columbine-Killers Fan Club ( image
We Can Manipulate the Atmosphere Like Never Before ( image
Winners of the 2024 World Press Photo Contest ( image
Your Fast Food Is Already Automated ( image
The Illogical Relationship Americans Have With Animals ( image
The Critical Factor of the Stormy Daniels Case (
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BBC - image
Denmark endures Notre-Dame fire moment and vows to rebuild ( image
Damage seen at Iran air base after Israeli attack ( image
Fallout: Can post-apocalypse show turn Amazon Prime viewers into gamers? ( image
What the world makes of Trump going on trial ( image
US migrant crisis shifts from Texas to California border ( image
'I want to erase my own footprint': The women looking after an island paradise ( image
Your pictures on the theme of 'signs of spring' ( image
Look, no hands! My trip on Seoul's self-driving bus ( image
The 'Robin Hood' TikToker taking on landlords ( image
'My hell in Myanmar cyber slavery camp' ( image
US Speaker may pay political price for Ukraine deal ( image
Watch US House pass critical Ukraine aid package ( image
US House approves critical $61bn Ukraine aid package ( image
Thousands rally against Canary Islands mass tourism ( image
No let-up for Gazans while world focused on Iran attacks ( image
Taylor Swift broke Spotify record with new album ( image
Moment huge explosion rocks Iraq military base ( image
USC graduation speakers cancelled as tensions flare ( image
US agrees to pull troops out of Niger ( image
Explosion hits Iraq base housing pro-Iranian militia ( image
Togo passes laws removing president's term limits ( image
American Idol singer Mandisa dies aged 47 ( image
Iran downplays presumed Israeli attack but vows response to any 'decisive action' ( image
Verstappen beats Hamilton to Chinese GP sprint win (
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中国话题 - 👉 中国小组 image
Taiwan to discuss new funding with US as Chinese warplanes get close to island ( image
Maldives votes in election key to its India, China relations ( image
Pakistan protests 'erroneous' US sanctions on Chinese firms over missile program allegations - Voice of America ( image
China's Gong pips American world champion Jackson to Diamond League shot put gold ( image
China's king-of-the-hill status shaky as offshore exploration diversifies rare earth supply chain ( image
China's first deep-sea multi-functional scientific research and archaeological vessel docks in S China (
China hosts foreign naval officials amid South China Sea tensions (
China’s New Stock Champions Face Growing Waves of Trade Probes ( image
Pancakes and dancing: how Russia and China are trying to boost cultural ties ( image
Apple pulls WhatsApp, Threads from China app store after Beijing order ( image
China Is Front and Center of Gold's Record-Breaking Rally ( image
Biden sends message to China ― and working-class voters ― with tariff threat ( image
China's May Day holiday to see surge in travel to smaller cities, data shows (
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下饭视频 - 
Politely asking Genghis Khan to stop killing people (
Accessible Gaming Is Becoming More And More Mainstream and I'm All Here For It! (
It’s-a Me, Mario: The Voice That Defined a Generation [11:13] (
Danish boys choir singing carols while eating a ghost chili peppers (
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Ars Technica - image
War never changes: A Fallout fan’s spoiler-laden review of the new TV series ( image
Why are groups of university students modifying Cadillac Lyriq EVs? ( image
The GMO tooth microbe that is supposed to prevent cavities ( image
It’s cutting calories—not intermittent fasting—that drops weight, study suggests ( image
CNN, record holder for shortest streaming service, wants another shot ( image
Long-lost model of the USS Enterprise returned to Roddenberry family ( image
Cities: Skylines 2 team apologizes, makes DLC free and promises a fan summit ( image
Netflix doc accused of using AI to manipulate true crime story ( image
Huawei phone has a pop-out camera lens, just like a point-and-shoot camera ( image
Io: New image of a lake of fire, signs of permanent volcanism ( image
Modder packs an entire Nintendo Wii into a box the size of a pack of cards ( image
Roku forcing 2-factor authentication after 2 breaches of 600K accounts ( image
China orders Apple to remove Meta apps after “inflammatory” posts about president ( image
Crypto influencer guilty of $110M scheme that shut down Mango Markets ( image
DARPA’s AI test pilot successfully flew a dogfight against a human ( image
Tesla recalls all 3,878 Cybertrucks over faulty accelerator pedal cover ( image
Password crackdown leads to more income for Netflix ( image
Microsoft’s VASA-1 can deepfake a person with one photo and one audio track ( image
Rocket Report: Starship could save Mars Sample Return; BE-4s for second Vulcan ( image
Boeing says it will cut SLS workforce “due to external factors” ( image
Hospital prices for the same emergency care vary up to 16X, study finds ( image
Prime Video looking to fix “extremely sloppy mistakes” in library, report says (
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Product Hunt 热门 - 
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国外科技头条 - image
California clean energy industry rocked with widespread jobs losses, bankruptcies, following state’s dismantling of rooftop solar program ( image
The Telecom Industry Is Very Mad Because The FCC MIGHT Examine High Broadband Prices ( image
Google’s Android app store monopoly violates antitrust law, jury finds | Epic Games scores major court win; judge will decide remedies next month ( image
Two-day water outage in remote Irish region caused by pro-Iran hackers ( image
Tesla could still sue Cybertruck owners if they flip their vehicles too soon / The automaker has reportedly added back the controversial clause against resellers ( image
As ChatGPT gets “lazy,” people test “winter break hypothesis” as the cause ( image
'Eyes Everywhere': Congress Is About to Vote to Expand Mass Surveillance of Americans, Experts Warn ( image
Tesla again threatens to sue Cybertruck buyers who try to resell the cars | Clause deleted from public version of terms is in the contract sent to buyers. (
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Reddit 热门提问 - 
I really can't get my head around Berkeleyen idealism, could somebody help me understand how we can have the same experience of something without there being a unique thing to prompt my experience? (
In Oppenheimer, Truman claims the Soviets will never have an atomic bomb. Was this a popular/consensus opinion at the time? (
How do you forgive yourself for things you’ve done that you now regret? (
Can someone please help me decipher what this author is saying about the Euthyphro Dilemma? (
Did people in the middle ages believe climaxing was necessary for conception? (
I'm Dr. Jim Ambuske, creator of the podcast Worlds Turned Upside Down, and a historian of the American Revolution. AMA about the coming of the American Revolution! (
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雅虎财经 - image
2 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Stocks That Could Double in 2024 ( image
My Top Artificial Intelligence (AI) Stocks to Buy Now with $100 ( image
Is Super Micro Computer Stock a Buy? ( image
2 Warren Buffett Stocks to Buy Hand Over Fist, and 1 to Avoid ( image
Wall Street is anxious over Netflix’s decision to stop sharing subscriber numbers ( image
Billionaire Investor Bill Gates Has 81% of His $46 Billion Portfolio in Just 4 Stocks ( image
Should You Buy Alphabet Stock Before Thursday? ( image
Forget AGNC Investment, Buy This Magnificent High-Yield Stock Instead ( image
This Is Hands-Down My Pick for the Best Artificial Intelligence Stock to Buy Now. (And It's Not Nvidia.) ( image
Big Fund Doubles Down on Palantir Stock, Sells Apple, Tesla, Microsoft ( image
IMF's Gopinath says high U.S. deficits fueling growth, higher interest rates ( image
Is Snowflake Stock a Buy Now? ( image
Grayscale's Planned Mini Bitcoin ETF Will Have a 0.15% Fee, the Lowest Among Spot Bitcoin ETFs ( image
Mortgage rates today, April 20, 2024: Over 7% for the first time this year ( image
SPDR Sees $16 Billion Outflow Exodus Year to Date; ETF League Tables as of April 19 ( image
China Is Front and Center of Gold’s Record-Breaking Rally ( image
China’s New Stock Champions Face Growing Waves of Trade Probes ( image
Here's why economists are so worried about soaring US debt levels ( image
Buy Bank of America Stock on This Dip. The Good Outweighs the Bad. ( image
Unilever forced to retain a multibillion-pound slice of its ice cream empire ( image
Don't ignore threats like inflation, recession, and war, warn Wall Street's biggest bosses ( image
2 No-Brainer Oil Stocks to Buy With $1,000 Right Now (
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国外财经新闻 - image
Tesla Spends Weekend Cutting Prices of Cars and FSD Software (
Biden celebrates Tennessee Volkswagen plant’s vote to join UAW ( image
Musk delays India visit and meeting with Modi as Tesla, SpaceX eye huge market (
TikTok Set to Remove Executive Tasked With Fending Off US Claims ( image
Tesla cuts prices across its entire lineup in China ( image
Bitcoin Rebounds After Dropping To $59,000 Level -- Path To New Peak? | ( image
Bitcoin rises to $64,000 in the final hours before the halving ( image
Why the unionization of Tennessee Volkswagen workers is a big breakthrough for UAW ( image
Boston Dynamics unveils a new robot, controversy over MKBHD, and layoffs at Tesla ( image
Tesla cuts U.S. prices on its Model Y, S and X vehicles after a difficult week ( image
Trump Media CEO says he’ll do ‘whatever it takes’ to defend DJT investors from short sellers (
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卫报 - image
Ecuadoreans to vote in referendum on unprecedented security measures ( image
Met police chief faces calls to quit after officer’s ‘openly Jewish’ comment at protest ( image
New Cold Wars review: China, Russia and Biden’s daunting task ( image
‘I wanted sexual adventures, I didn’t want to fall in love’: Molly Roden Winter on her astonishing memoir of an open marriage ( image
Hundreds gather for candlelight vigil at Bondi Beach to pay tribute to victims of shopping centre attack ( image
Middle East crisis: Israeli overnight strikes on Rafah kill 13, including nine children, say officials ( image
‘He erased the entire project’ … the book Stanley Kubrick didn’t want anyone to read to be published ( image
Armed guards, reparations and the lives of others: Venice Biennale 2024 – review ( image
Barcelona must beat Real Madrid in Xavi’s last clásico to keep season alive ( image
The Game Boy at 35: a portal to other magical worlds ( image
Clean like you mean it: the ultimate guide to spring cleaning your home ( image
Sometimes I Think About Dying review – Daisy Ridley excels as shy office worker in offbeat comedy ( image
Left silences right, right silences left. But censorship stops us pushing for change | Kenan Malik ( image
The big picture: Gueorgui Pinkhassov’s shadow play in a 90s Tokyo hotel ( image
David Cameron is making great strides. No, he really is, you can watch them on video | Catherine Bennett ( image
Barbie, Bridgerton and billions of pounds: how streaming – and tax breaks – fuelled the UK’s ‘Brollywood’ screen boom ( image
Knife by Salman Rushdie review – a life interrupted ( image
Sunday with Shirley Manson: ‘I impersonate my mother by making a chicken dinner’ ( image
As the world dithers, Ukraine’s plight grows ever more precarious | Observer editorial ( image
Physicist Claudia de Rham: ‘Gravity connects everything, from a person to a planet’ ( image
As an immigrant I’m undervalued, and my wife has no sympathy | Ask Philippa ( image
Thai conscientious objector risks jail in rare refusal of military service ( image
How Portugal’s 1974 Eurovision entry toppled the country’s fascist regime (
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国外股市热门 - 
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金融时报 - 
Labour will continue UK membership of Europe’s human rights court (
BlackRock steps up security for Larry Fink after ‘anti-woke’ backlash (
House museums #64: Edgar Allan Poe (
Benedict Andrews on shaking up Chekhov: ‘You want to feel you’re watching life in all its spontaneity’ (
Shelter from the storm: in praise of the bothy (
US college affordability debate should focus on net cost, not sticker prices ( image
‘It’s not Barbieland’: Rwanda prepares to host asylum seekers sent from UK (
Surge in maritime violence boosts demand for private security forces (
The danger of the very serious person ( image
Pharma groups warn of supply crunch over China spying law (
International hotel chains step up plans to expand in Europe (
Turkish airlines and airports reap rewards from bet on pandemic recovery (
The rare earths mine becoming a bellwether for US minerals policy (
Ireland’s AIB could be fully privatised by 2025 after bumper profits (
Indonesia eyes green energy transition in $1bn investment plan (
More TikTok vicar? ( image
Saab chief warns against EU defence protectionism (
Commodity traders bet on big data and AI (
Why we can’t stop staring at our own faces online (
Ask Robert: is it safe to sext? (
Singapore gives top-level briefings to reassure foreign banks on stability (
Coalition government, American style (
Mexico’s presidential frontrunner vows to prioritise US trade ties (
Blinken to warn China over weapons-related exports to Russia (
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Show HN - image
Edit This Page – Frictionless Content Collaboration (
Py-library that allows you to manage Supabase through pydantic models (
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Lobste 最新提交 - image
thetawave: A physics based, space shooter game made with Rust and the Bevy engine ( image
GWP-ASan: Sampling-Based Detection of Memory-Safety Bugs in Production (
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国外女权主义讨论 - 
What are some works from an older time which have surprisingly progressive views? (
To what end do feminists believe abortion-criminalizing voters want to "control women" and why do they often conflate questioning this narrative with condoning their policy? (
Cone of Silence protecting a Grooming Predator (CEO) at Work - WWYD? (
Kate Cox’s quote of how she “never thought she’d be in this situation” made me think of women who become pro-choice only when they themselves need an an abortion. (
How come almost any video featuring a woman being interviewed, men will go out their way to compliment their appearance? (
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天空新闻 - image
One dead and seven missing after two Japanese navy helicopters crash into the ocean ( image
Chinese GP: Live F1 updates from the race on sport's return to Shanghai International Circuit ( image
Truss refuses to apologise for sparking mortgage rate rise - but admits one failing as PM ( image
Two dead and 14 injured in shooting at party in Memphis ( image
Two children dead after suspected drunk driver crashes into birthday party ( image
Record number of runners to take part in London Marathon ( image
Rebel Moon stars on 'mad' reaction and 'media storms' following first movie ( image
What Liz Truss and Donald Trump have in common | Adam Boulton ( image
'Debilitating' period pains causing 'one in three' girls to miss school ( image
Thousands of people in Canary Islands take to streets calling for limit to tourist numbers ( image
Police investigating after man and woman in 70s found dead ( image
'Give us a future': Anger as residents still not back in homes six months after Storm Babet ( image
Head of Met Police should resign, says antisemitism campaigner called 'openly Jewish' by officer ( image
Tel Aviv beachgoers hope worst of Israel-Iran crisis is over - but long-awaited move in Gaza may not be far away ( image
What US aid package means for war in Ukraine after profound impact of delay ( image
Crucial $60.8bn Ukraine aid package approved by US House of Representatives after months of deadlock ( image
TikTok could be banned in US after House of Representatives passes bill ( image
Irish PM apologises to families of Stardust nightclub fire victims after 'emotional' meeting ( image
'Invincible' all-girl football team goes whole season unbeaten - in boys' league ( image
Being Jewish should never be a provocation, Home Office says - as police apologise after threat to arrest campaigner ( image
Scottish powersharing under threat after climate target scrapped ( image
Boy, 10, admits to shooting and killing man in his sleep at trailer park (
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谷歌全球新闻 - image
Missing teen's body recovered after deadly crocodile attack ( image
Despite Israel's Limited Response, the Status Quo With Iran Has Been Breached - Israel News ( image
Once foreign aid bill signed, this is how US can rush weapons to Ukraine - Voice of America ( image
Ukraine launches a barrage of drones against Russia ( image
2 Japanese navy helicopters crash in the Pacific Ocean during training, leaving 1 dead and 7 missing ( image
Børsen fire: Denmark endures its own Notre Dame devastation (
Exclusive | Inside the White House's Frenetic Scramble to Avert a Full-Blown Middle East War ( image
16-year-old boy killed by crocodile after boat breaks down: police ( image
Giant extinct snake discovered in India was 50 feet long, said researchers ( image
Muslim Americans who soured on Biden see Israel aid package as further betrayal ( image
The US military will begin plans to withdraw troops from Niger ( image
Israeli airstrike on a house kills at least 9 in southern Gaza city of Rafah, including 6 children (
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业余项目分享交流 - image
Console Streaming Server - a DNS+RTMP server to send your console stream to your PC without a capture card (
I built the startup directory we never knew we needed ( image
4 days side project brings me $1000/year! An android app with AI integration 🚀, for How much money i can sell this? Any idea guys 🤔 (
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政客(Politico) - image
The House TikTok bill just passed. Now what? ( image
An updated TikTok bill changes the game in Washington ( image
China lobbies Congress behind closed doors on TikTok, staffers say ( image
In Modi’s India, opponents and journalists feel squeeze ahead of election ( image
‘The 401(k) industry owns Congress’: How lawmakers quietly passed a $300 billion windfall to the wealthy ( image
Johnson's turbulent week comes to a soft landing at Mar-a-Lago (
Arizona Dems protest after GOP blocks vote to repeal abortion ban ( image
How Donald Trump could ride to Mike Johnson's rescue (
Tenants and landlords can agree on this ( image
Famed photographer quits Ford board over Liz Cheney snub (
‘Draconian’: Arizona Dems rage after abortion ruling ( image
Biden says Trump will ban abortion: ‘No one trusts Donald Trump’ ( image
Fire at Sanders’ Vermont office investigated as arson after string of vandalism incidents targeting lawmakers ( image
Sen. Bernie Sanders’ office in Vermont caught fire. Arson is suspected, but the motive is unclear. ( image
Republicans hope that inflation — and vibes — outweigh Biden’s blockbuster jobs reports (
Earthquake interrupts UN meeting on Middle East (
TikTok launches ad campaign on safety as Congress eyes possible ban ( image
Biden deploys $6.6B to boost global chipmaker in key swing state ( image
The House Dems who keep using TikTok while voting against it ( image
Companies line up to undercut key data privacy law (
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Linux - 
CEO of IBM and Chairman of Red Hat telling how they force executives to meet racial quotas in hiring. "if you lose, you lose part of your bonus.” "I could name multiple leaders ... that were held accountable to the point they are no longer with Red Hat". (
I just created a LLM Terminal App, Clara, which does literally everything for you (
Shortcomings and regressions in Plasma 6 wayland for artists using and configuring graphic tablets (
Does the linux community appreciate chromeOS/Google/Pixels. (not every piece of tech has to be linux btw) (
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路透社最新报道 - 👉 路透社 image
Five waves of UBS layoffs to start in June, SonntagsZeitung says ( image
Togo L'opposition appelle à des manifestations contre la nouvelle Constitution ( image
USA-La Chambre des représentants adopte un plan d'aide de $60,8 mds à l'Ukraine ( image
USA Trump annule un événement de campagne en Caroline du Nord ( image
Russia says deeper U.S. hybrid war using Ukraine will end in Vietnam-style humiliation ( image
Japon Deux hélicoptères de la marine s'abîment en mer, un mort ( image
Iran president to visit Pakistan from Monday to Wednesday, Pakistan says ( image
Tesla réduit ses prix de près de 2.000 dollars en Chine ( image
Législatives aux Maldives sur fond de lutte d'influence entre l'Inde et la Chine ( image
Tottenham's Udogie out for the season with thigh injury ( image
Verstappen adds China to his list of victories ( image
Redwheel backs Royal Mail owner's rejection of Kretinsky share offer ( image
Taiwan to discuss new funding with US as Chinese warplanes get close to island ( image
Maldives votes in election key to its India, China relations ( image
Two Palestinians attack Israeli soldiers in West Bank, army says (
Gunmen kill 7 customs officials in western Pakistan in two attacks ( image
Garcia stuns Haney with majority decision win ( image
Ukraine says it plans to resume small power exports on Sunday ( image
Les locaux assurent leur game 1 ( image
Dolphins accompany Bryan to win at Margaret River Pro, Robinson repeats ( image
West Bank village counts losses after settler attack, and fears more (
Massive river flooding expected in China's Guangdong, threatening millions ( image
India to rerun election at 11 places in Manipur after violence ( image
China F1 crowd turns up the volume ahead of Zhou's home debut (
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